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To Inspire Students, We Have to Inspire their Teachers

JUNE 24, 2013 — Dr. Lee Hood, ISB’s president, says that we have to “infect” kids with the excitement of science. The same can be said about their teachers. It may even be more crucial to inspire teachers, because they’re the ones who have the most impact on the greatest number of kids. At ISB, the transfer of knowledge to society is a part of our core. Supporting K-12 science…

ISB Education Team: Next Gen Science Standards for Teachers

ISB is committed to K-12 science education. Today, to launch a new OSPI Math & Science Partnership, we are hosting 40 teachers from Seattle Public Schools and 20 teachers from Renton Public Schools to help them develop curriculum aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (and how all that fits with Common Core Standards). Go, ISB education team! (Full gallery)

Dr. Lee Hood Honored for Inspiring Future Scientists

Dr. Lee Hood during the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research’s annual fundraising event on June 4, 2013. Dr. Hood received the Alvin J. Thompson Award for inspiring future scientists. Previous winners of this award from ISB include Dr. Nitin Baliga and Dr. Lee Rowen. Photo by Chris Witwer/ISB.

ISB K-12 Science Education Team Helps ‘STEM’ School Develop Curriculum

Riverpoint Academy in Spokane has been working with ISB’s K-12 science education team to develop curriculum that falls under “STEM” – science, technology, engineering and math. Riverpoint describes itself as a STEM school that also teaches arts, humanities and entrepreneurship. Some educators and administrators from Riverpoint and the Mead School District, as well as other community leaders visited ISB on May 3 and 4 to participate in a workshop to…

Systems Biology and Systems Medicine Curriculum in Middle and High Schools?

By Dana Riley Black, Director of ISB’s Center for Inquiry Science Healthcare continues to be listed as a “high-demand” field, meaning there continue to be significant and projected employment opportunities in the field.  A recent employment gap analysis by Washington State released on April 3 suggests a projected deficit of 472 healthcare jobs filled annually in the state (see: As a result, many middle and high schools are turning…

Inspiring Future Scientists

Our president, Lee Hood, has always been committed to K-12 science education. When heard that a group of elementary school children were coming to ISB to take a tour, he made sure to take the time to speak to them.