Translational Research Trainee Program

Program Description

  • TRTP is a two-year training program (subject to annual review) with the goal of translating systems science developed at ISB to clinical research at PSJH.
  • Each trainee will be co-mentored by a ISB faculty and a clinician from PSJH, and will work within a specified ISB lab.
  • Every trainee will receive funding to support salaries and research-associated costs for the first two years, and are encouraged and expected to secure funding as their research progresses.

Program Focus Areas for 2019

Participating faculty: Nitin Baliga (ISB) and Santosh Kesari (John Wayne Cancer Institute)

We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic computationally oriented research trainee to work with an interdisciplinary team of computational biologists, bioinformaticians, clinical researchers and other scientists to develop algorithms and methodologies for clinical applications, specifically for Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). The ideal candidate will:

  • Integrate and analyze public (e.g. The Cancer Genome Atlas and others) and newly generated molecular data into our GBM SYGNAL network framework with a focus on regulatory mechanisms at different scales: genomic variations, DNA methylation, TFs, miRNA and chromatin profiles.
  • Leverage heterogeneous cancer genomics data sets to predict tumor drug and immunotherapy responses and to develop human cancer therapeutics. Special emphasis will be placed on identifying synergistic combinations of new and previously established therapies that are matched to patient’s disease characteristics — i.e., personalized medicine.
  • Develop new computational strategies to build networks from single-cell transcriptome data — comprehensive, integrative, and mechanistic gene regulatory networks with predictive power to enable rational design of effective personalized therapies.

This position will provide an excellent opportunity to work and train as part of a highly motivated interdisciplinary team in the rapidly developing areas of cancer genomics, precision cancer care and neurosciences.

Application and Selection Process

Applications are currently closed.