Isabelle Lucas-Beckett, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Health Data Science Lab

Isabelle Lucas Beckett

Dr. Isabelle Lucas-Beckett’s main focus of interest is providing access to accurate and actionable genetic information for rare genetic diseases, pharmacogenetics, and nutrigenetics. She did her postdoc in Dr. Bonny Brewer’s and Dr. Walt Fangman’s laboratory at the University of Washington, studying the impact of chromatin structure on DNA replication in S. cerevisiae. She then switched to human cells and worked for 8 years in Dr. Michelle Le Beau’s laboratory at the University of Chicago, focusing on genetic instability at chromosome fragile sites, DNA replication, chromatin structure, and DNA microarray applications. She moved back to Seattle to work for 4 years at a personalized medicine company, ActX, where she developed their pharmacogenetics and rare genetic diseases portfolio as well as their custom microarray platform. She then took a position as translational geneticist at Arivale where she lead for 3 years the genetic curation team, developing, in collaboration with clinicians and dietitians, coachable genetic insights to optimize health and wellness.

PhD, Cellular and Molecular Genetics, Paris University Pierre and Marie Curie, France, 1999

Genetic curation and translation; Nutrigenetics; Pharmacogenetics; Rare genetic diseases; Genotyping microarray